Service is only as good as the planning behind it

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Smarter Service für steigenden Erfolg

What’s going on behind the scenes? How can your service work even more efficiently, involve customers even more and inspire them for your products or services?

Good service should be a matter of course.

However, to stand out in this area requires more than just average care.  Customers place great value on reliability, punctuality and the perception of their individual wishes. In order to identify these wishes and to be able to implement them in the next step, well-informed service employees are needed.

Mobile access to all customer data, fast processing of relevant information, rapid support in case of questions or problems and a uniform database are prerequisites for this. Predictive maintenance is another point that is becoming increasingly important for the service of a company. By means of comprehensive data and evaluations, potential problems are discovered and eliminated before they actually occur.

Concrete advantages of UNIORG and SAP solutions

Provision of intelligent technologies and best practices to master individual challenges

Relief through better cooperation at technical and human level

Offer a cloud solution with flexibility and scalability - short project duration, intuitive to use, easy and independently expandable

Provision of important business information throughout the network

Greater transparency, better accessibility: data access from any device, always and everywhere

Optimum product availability, as sales and procurement are optimally coordinated

Fast and flexible reaction to customer requirements

Supply of real-time data, which is stored centrally and online

Easier to meet budget targets

Appropriate solutions

Best practices

to all customers