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Mobile Data Collection in SAP Business One

UNIORG smart MDE is your mobile data collection tool for SAP Business One. Excite your team with a variety of pre-installed apps and take a large step towards the digital future of your company.

Regardless of where you are in your process, keeping Inventory, picking, checking shipping, during production or in your service department, Data is often printed and entered into your ERP-System manually. This means additional costs, time and resources, unnecessary effort for your employees and prevents up-to-date insight into important fulfillment processes. If you want to offer your customers excellent service, you must utilize mobile data collection. Your employees will thank you, working with the UNIORG smart MDE is simply fun!

Main functions UNIORG smart MDE

  • Inbound and Outbound Management
  • Storage
  • Inventory and Stocktaking
  • Picking and Packaging
  • Returns
  • Production
  • Project management
  • Service

Maintain full control of you entire supply chain

Thanks to UNIORG smart MDE, your employees have all the important information and figures at their fingertips in their usual SAP Business One system. You know exactly where your product is, how many items you still have in stock and which orders may have just arrived and are in the QS warehouse for inspection.

Your bookings are recorded directly at the point of origin using mobile data acquisition via handheld scanner, tablet or smartphone and transmitted to the ERP system in real time. You are always able to track your order and can place orders precisely and according to your needs.

Simplify business processes

Rough estimates, manual recounting or “waiting for the annual inventory” is no longer necessary. Instead, automation and up to date reporting is possible thanks to the collection of current and reliable data. With our mobile data acquisition, the data can be processed securely and correctly by scanning barcodes (e.g. EAN) or reading transponders (NFC/RFID).

It all depends on the mixture

We do not force you to establish processes that do not fit with your company’s reality. Incoming delivereis do not contain any barcode information? No problem with UNIORG smart MDE! Our inbound management app informs your employee which products are expected based on your order history. The delivered goods can then be counted and checked into your system via touch display. That way inbound deliveries can be checked and confirmed quickly, securly and with a low potential for errors, all without scanning. Adding the shipment receipt will automatically generate your own label which can then be printed for further processing. That way you can securely carry out further processes such as rearrangements, removal for production or later picking by scanning.


Your advantages at a glance

  • You receive ready-to-use APPS for inbound and outbound management, storage, inventory, shipping, production, project & service management as well as returns
  • You easily create your own apps based on established queries within SAP Business One
  • You reduce errors and paperwork by avoiding manual entries
  • You improve productivity of your employees through significant time saving in daily production data acquisition
  • You receive up-to-date information via automated processes within the SAP System
  • You keep your flexibility with the scalable user- and role-based access model
  • You start with low entry costs with our super slim onboarding packages (fixed price packages start at two hours)
  • You make your team happy with modern and intuitive apps
  • You save money Your UNIORG smart MDE users only need the SAP Business One Indirect Access User for authentication. No additional professional or limited users are required.

Simple and flexible

UNIORG smart MDE is licensed per user.and can be used on standard HTML5 capable devices. The application adapts to the resolution of the device thanks to its responsive design and thus always guarantees an optimal user experience. Selected apps, such as “pack delivery” require use in landscape format for optimal usability. We recommend a tablet or screen with touchscreen functionality for those apps. Installation can either take place in your local SAP Business One environment (license purchase) or as a cloud product (Software as a Service with provision fees) via our UNIORG cloud. Connecting UNIORG Smart MDE to your SAP Business One is quick and easy and possible for both Business One versions- SAP Business One for SAP HANA and for Microsoft SQL. Depending on the scope of your project we offer various deployment and onboarding strategies and packages.

We develop what you need.

You have special processes and want a “smart” app for your team? No problem! The UNIORG smart MDE framework enables us to develop individual apps at low cost. Many of our partners and customers already swear by it and can no longer imagine data collection without the UNIORG smart app. Reach out to us if you are interested.

You have questions about UNIORG smart MDE or want more information about the right devices for data collection?

Give us a call or get in touch for a free non-binding conversation.

Our sales team is happy to be at your disposal.


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    Torsten Bräuer

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