"With UNIORG's professional support, we've come a great deal closer to our vision of a sustainable full-service portal. Through electronic ordering options for our customers without media discontinuity in the SAP system, we were able to increase our customer loyalty while simultaneously automating the sale of our products. Meanwhile, online sales figures in some markets reach up to 80% of the incoming order volume. The figures prove that we made the right decision with this solution".

Thomas Sauerland, CIO VEKA AG

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VEKA AG, headquartered in Sendenhorst, Germany, is one of the world's leading system providers and manufacturers of plastic profiles for windows, doors and roller shutters as well as plastic panels. The group comprises 36 branches with around 5,000 employees on three continents, 1,400 of which are located at the group's headquarters in Sendenhorst.

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