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Umsatzsteuer-IDs automatisch und revisionssicher prüfen

UNIORG Check-VAT is a practical and user-friendly add-on for SAP ERP 6.0, SAP CRM and SAP S/4HANA systems, with the help of which you can automatically check the VAT identification numbers (VAT ID numbers) of your EU trading partners and document these checks in an audit-proof manner. The comparative data required for this purpose is obtained from the Federal Central Tax Office (BZSt), the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF Austria) or the European Commission (VIES or also MIAS = VAT Information Exchange System) via appropriate Internet-compatible interfaces.

UNIORG Check-VAT contains all functions necessary to meet the requirements of the legislature.

Numerous functions for all requirements

UNIORG Check-VAT is an integrated solution for synchronous or asynchronous checking of your master data (debtors, creditors, business partners) or your orders, delivery notes, invoices, purchasing documents as well as debit and creditor financial documents. Which documents are checked, how and when, can be set individually – automatically in the background or manually. These checks and the subsequent further processing of the check results can also be parameterized system- and company code-specific. This applies to changing or creating BP master data and/or document processing. Parallel checks can also be carried out with the comparative data from different checkpoints. This results in a generally higher availability of the solution with regard to the authorities entitled to receive information.

UNIORG Check-VAT meets the requirements of the Quick Fixes to the EU VAT reform

From 1.1.2020, the recording of the valid VAT identification numbers (VAT ID number) of the customer (delivery), as well as the correct submission of a summary declaration (ZM) are explicit prerequisites for the tax exemption of intra-Community deliveries (Quick Fixes to the EU – VAT reform). This means that if the supplier does not record a (valid) VAT ID number of the customer, the intra-Community supply becomes subject to tax. With the help of UNIORG Check-VAT, this requirement for qualified verification is completely fulfilled.

The advantages at a glance

  • Complete integration with your SAP ERP, SAP CRM and SAP S/4HANA systems
  • Customer-specific adjustment to the specific requirements
  • Simple or qualified check of the VAT ID (company name, legal form (according to the commercial register), postal code, company location and street)
  • Mass and/or individual checking of your master data
  • Dialog function Master data adjustment and substitution for fast correction of master data
  • Maintenance of traceable deviations in the substitution table
  • Permanent and audit-proof logging of the test results in the system
  • Adjustable lock or warning logic including notification function (lock management)
  • Execution of the “qualified sales tax identification number check” even if different character sets are used between inspection bodies and the SAP® system used with an additional transcription module (PDF).
  • Conducting a qualified check via the Czech tax portal for “unreliable partners” and “reliable bank connections” – country solution Czech Republic
  • Reduction of the risk of errors due to the high degree of integration into the SAP ERP system
  • Relief of the employees: VAT ID no longer has to be selected and recorded manually

User-friendly Check-VAT cockpits

The UNIORG Check-VAT cockpits for users and administrators represent the application’s control centers. The number/display of callable functions and applications is set individually by the respective key user

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