Effective liquidity and receivables management

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SAP Analyser for Accounts Receivable

For effective liquidity and receivables management, transparency is required throughout the entire customer process. To achieve this, relevant information must first be collected and then analyzed. Initial indications are provided by sales documents, incoming payments, days in arrears or even dunning procedures and risk assessments. Once all information is available, the actual analysis can begin.

The UNIORG AR-Analyser is a practical and user-friendly add-on for SAP ERP and SAP S/4HANA systems.

It serves as a cockpit and offers a view of the company-wide world of receivables, whose flight level can be individually determined. Built into a multi-layered analysis model, both high-level evaluations and concrete business partner bookings can be analyzed in real-time. Extended displays allow for the first time to include quantity structures in the different analyses and to show trends and developments. Thus, different aspects can be analyzed and visualized directly via the cockpit.

From an analysis of invoice trends

„My outgoing invoices to customer 1234 increased by 33% between May and June, from 120 to 160.“

to trends in incoming payments

„6 invoices are overdue, 2 of them already more than 60 days.“

and “coupled” evaluations that support an efficient dunning process.

With the UNIORG AR-Analyser, you have an effective tool at your disposal with which you can recognize critical tendencies early on and initiate timely controlling measures. In this way you not only minimize the risk of non-payment, but also secure liquidity and working capital in your company.

Thanks to its simple operation and individual design possibilities, the UNIORG AR-Analyser is ideally suited for both specialist departments and managers.

Your benefits in the overview

  • Complete SAP integration
  • Extensive enhancements in reporting
  • Look & Feel in SAP Standard
  • Key figures for management
  • Analysis of quantity structures possible
  • Selectable draught
  • Compensating process controls
  • Reduction of analysis error risks
  • Individual adjustments possible
  • Fast analysis of the payment behaviour of your customers


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