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UDINA Commerce Spare Parts

UDINA Commerce Spare Parts serves all necessary booking needs

With UDINA Commerce Spare Parts, the web store for spare parts, customers are given the opportunity to independently find out what is on offer anywhere and at any time and place their order with just a few clicks.

The store is based on current technologies and integrates seamlessly with SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA. The entire control of the spare parts store runs via the backend data model, therefore all changes in the backend are immediately synchronized in the store. The spare parts in SAP therefore do not have to be defined again in the store.

After just a few weeks of productive use, we can already claim to have successfully implemented our eCommerce strategy in the B2B market. Our customers are taking to the offerings very well and the intended effects for the organization of our sales are tangible. As a platform for digital B2B business, UDINA Commerce is seamlessly embedded in our SAP landscape without redundancy and enables us to scale further on our digitalization course

Lutz Müller, CEO of Columbus Trading Partners GmbH, responsible for B2B product sales of the Cybex brand

Uncomplicated, individual, quick to implement – the store for spare parts procurement

The entire ordering and logistics processes are automated end-to-end – from availability checks and communication of customer-specific prices and conditions, to ordering and processing payment, to delivery and returns handling.

Access to the store is provided by an internal and external distribution of roles that includes the customers, the employees of the company’s own technical field service, and the employees of the company’s own sales field service.

You benefit from:

The store basically offers spare parts-specific features that allow not only users on the industrial company side but also customers to use the store intuitively.

Key Features:

  • Order management
  • Catalog management
  • Integrated returns processes
  • Integrated service messages
  • Document information cockpit (status tracking)
  • Integrated product configuration
  • Document provision
  • Replenishment function for technicians
  • Optional integration with SAP Sales Cloud, SAP Service Cloud and SAP FSM

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Marco Stepka
Leader Business Development UNIORG Cloud Services

Phone: +49 231 9497-0
E-Mail: m.stepka@uniorg.de

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Marco Stepka

Marco Stepka

Phone: +49 231 9497-0
E-Mail: m.stepka@uniorg.de