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UDINA Core Platform

Transparency over the entire life cycle of the product

The product’s journey, from manufacture to sale and ultimate use, is so complex that manufacturers are often unable to provide complete transparency over the distribution of products, let alone their final use.

However, lack of information about the product and the end customers makes it difficult to optimize the products and flexibly adapt to the market.

UDINA Core Platform – the network for the market

With the UDINA Core Platform, you throw a network into the market that focuses on the product in its elementary digital uniqueness.

The operator of the network gets an overall insight into the usage journey of his products. All contributors can include further participants, such as distributors and external service providers, whereby the product-related information is integrated into the platform and all relevant data for handling, processing, transfer and use of the product is accessible as a singular identity.

Transparency of your own product data

With the help of the role-based cockpit of the UDINA Core Platform, all product-related data and documents can be viewed – from production to final use. This knowledge enables manufacturers to optimize their products and processes as needed, improve service quality, and gain a competitive advantage.

Wovon Sie profitieren:

  • Vollständige Transparenz – über die Produktreise, Vernetzung und finale Verwendung des Produktes
  • Übersichtliches, individuelles und rollenbasiertes Cockpit – in dem alle produktbezogenen Daten und Dokumente einsehbar sind und ausgewertet werden können
  • Aufschluss über den Markt – und die Option, die Produkte den Erkenntnissen entsprechend anzupassen
  • Nützlichen Tools – wie konfigurierbare Umfragen, konfigurierbare Zustandserhebungen oder Bilddokumentationen

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Marco Stepka, Mitarbeiter bei Uniorg


Marco Stepka
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Marco Stepka

Marco Stepka

Phone: +49 231 9497-0