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Service management viewed holistically

UDINA Customer Service Portfolio

UDINA Customer Service Portfolio

Globalization and digitization are increasingly reshaping service.

In the meantime, it is no longer just the quality and price of the products that count – in order to strengthen customer loyalty in the long term and secure the company’s position in the market, comprehensive and above-average customer service is necessary.

With the UDINA Customer Service Portfolio, service is redefined and viewed holistically. This does not start with the shipment of the product, but already before the modeling of the data up to the controlling.

All areas of the company are covered and integrated into service

The UDINA Customer Service Portfolio creates transparency in all areas of the company – from the development of the product, through manufacturing, warehousing, sales and shipping, as well as all subsequent commercial and logistical processes, such as invoicing, returns processing or even service deployment planning as a whole. The portfolio makes smart service possible.

Service controlling improvements ensure that both customer requirements are met and the benefits for the company are achieved.

You benefit from:

  • A holistic view of the product and all relevant product data
  • A comprehensive information feedback for product development, marketing and product-related communication
  • Cost savings in internal processing through the reduction of data redundancies
  • Complete integration of all company departments in the service, as well as comprehensive transparency of the product data.

UDINA Customer Service Portfolio


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