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Supporting sales optimally with comprehensive information and innovative software

Competition is fierce and customers are more demanding and better informed than ever before. As a result, companies have few options – they need to stand out from the crowd, convince buyers of their products and thus secure their loyalty.

How can you best prepare your sales force for exactly this?

With the right software, your sales staff will receive

  • Comprehensive knowledge of your customers and their needs
  • Relevant KPI’s, trends, current and historical customer master data
  • Mobile access to all information
  • The possibility to analyze not only your customer data, but also the market
  • And much more…

Best equipped for the future – with intelligent technologies from UNIORG and SAP

Put your customers and their personal needs even more in the foreground. Your sales department receives the most important key figures and data in real time and can use these, even on site, to adapt to each customer individually. With the right management software, you can create improved collaboration between marketing, sales and service, view your customers from a 360 degree perspective and secure a stable position in the market in the long term.

Concrete advantages of UNIORG and SAP solutions

Provision of intelligent technologies and best practices to master individual challenges

Relief through better cooperation at technical and human level

Offer a cloud solution with flexibility and scalability - short project duration, intuitive to use, easy and independently expandable

Provision of important business information throughout the network

Greater transparency, better accessibility: data access from any device, always and everywhere

Optimum product availability, as sales and procurement are optimally coordinated

Fast and flexible reaction to customer requirements

Supply of real-time data, which is stored centrally and online

Easier to meet budget targets

Appropriate solutions

Best Practices

to all customers

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