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IT strategies for a successful company

IT organizations and their services are subject to permanent change. The intelligent company is the goal.

Today, information technology has become an important strategic instrument and faces major tasks every day to achieve competitive advantages and contribute to the success of the company. Those who want to maintain their position must be able to react quickly and adapt to constantly changing market conditions. For the IT management, this means permanently developing or realigning the infrastructure and driving innovation – all under mostly strict budget constraints. The cost pressure is high and sometimes the targets set exceed the financial framework. Clear decisions must be made on where to invest and where not. What are the appropriate solutions for the industry and the company? There are many challenges that need to be overcome in addition to everyday business.

Challenges of IT management in the company

  • Further development and reorientation of the IT infrastructure
  • Implementation of the digital transformation
  • Driving innovation
  • Helping to shape a sustainable company
  • adherence to strict budget constraints
  • Achieving the best result with as many resources as necessary and as few as possible
  • Development and introduction of standardised project procedures
  • Coordination of projects
  • Support of own server and network systems

Best equipped for the future – with intelligent technologies from UNIORG and SAP

SAP and UNIORG offer solutions that help companies master current challenges and optimize business processes with best practices and intelligent technologies. Cloud solutions provide flexible licensing models that can be independently expanded and intuitively operated. Important business information is made available throughout the network, and you can respond quickly and flexibly to customer requirements. As a long-standing SAP partner, UNIORG possesses important integration know-how, has national as well as international project experience, and finds the right portfolio for every customer and company size. Whatever the challenge – as a reliable service partner, we’re always at your side with individual consultation and support.

„For more than two decades, the strategic development of our worldwide SAP systems has been decisively shaped by our consulting partner UNIORG. We will continue to trust this reliable partnership.“

Thomas Sauerland, CIO,VEKA AG

Concrete advantages of UNIORG and SAP solutions

Provision of intelligent technologies and best practices to master individual challenges

Relief through better cooperation at technical and human level

Offer a cloud solution with flexibility and scalability - short project duration, intuitive to use, easy and independently expandable

Provision of important business information throughout the network

Greater transparency, better accessibility: data access from any device, always and everywhere

Optimum product availability, as sales and procurement are optimally coordinated

Fast and flexible reaction to customer requirements

Supply of real-time data, which is stored centrally and online

Easier to meet budget targets

Appropriate solutions

Best practices

to all customers

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