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Direct data exchange between ERP and e-commerce platforms – save time and money

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E-Commerce in SAP Business One

Create simplification and transparency through automation -With the digital connection of your e-commerce platforms, suppliers and EDI partners to your SAP system.

Challenges in e-commerce: “Time is money”

Today, hardly any company wants to forego the potential of online sales of its goods and services. However, the challenges facing retail and e-commerce companies should not be underestimated.

Manual acquisition of job data is often error-prone and time-consuming. However, your customers expect a fast, smooth process and satisfactory service. The customer base is growing, the number of orders is increasing and our own products are being offered on more and more sales platforms. However, more sales platforms also mean individual requirements and thus increased maintenance: A new strategy has to be found.

With this solution, both your own users and your customers benefit from modern software with extensive functionalities.

Direct advantage for your company (B2B/B2C)

  • Connection of EDI partners and providers, shop systems, as well as shipping service providers and e-commerce platforms including fulfillment
  • Easy import and export of various file formats/standards to and from SAP Business One
  • Low maintenance costs due to automated data imports
  • Reduction of incorrect inputs by integrated test routines
  • Real-time insight into inventory and logistics processes
  • Provision of your products/services on many platforms with little effort

SAP Business One and UNIORG smart Connect
as a combined solution

As a merchandise management system, SAP Business One offers end-to-end processes and real-time insights into company data. For example, it is possible to collect all relevant numbers and information in one system and keep track of all data. Online trading has never been easier. UNIORG smart Connect suits as a completely integrated solution in the SAP ERP system.

Product data and online orders can thus be synchronised in real time between merchandise management and the e-commerce platform without twice the maintenance effort.


Modern cockpit, direct synchronization – e-commerce on the next level

UNIORG smart Connect contains simple functions to optimally connect many sales platforms and shop systems with little effort. Whether B2B or B2C, Magento, Amazon or Shopware: The platform offers various ways to automate processes and greatly simplify the application. This makes it an ideal extension of your SAP system without having to implement third-party software or develop new interfaces.

For example, you can decide directly from the article master data: Which articles are to be displayed in which webshop and channels with which descriptions. Important customer data and product information are processed quickly and conveniently and transferred to the online shop via the smart Connect.

SAP Business One and UNIORG smart Connect – the combination ensures your success

Thanks to the modern architecture of the software and a fully integrated solution directly in SAP Business One, you have a software system that transmits your data and creates orders fully automatically. All document chains in SAP Business One are adhered to and can be configured individually by you beforehand.

Central funktions: New potential for your business

  • Modern and clear cockpit
  • Connection to various e-commerce platforms
  • displaying multiple images
  • Decision directly from the article master data, which articles are displayed in which shop
  • Synchronization between actual inventory and e-commerce platform

UNIORG has been working on this solution since the very beginning of trading on e-commerce platforms. It is constantly updated and adapted to new challenges.

This makes UNIORG smart Connect a reliable tool that is based on experience and follows the market. Our customers’ insights are constantly flowing in and improving the product, so it is not our product. It is actually the product of our customers, that is, your product.


Find out for yourself:

Customer experience or the shopping experience is the focus of the UNIORG smart Connect. We will be happy to show you how the application works and improve your e-commerce success sustainably.

Do you have an SAP S/4HANA system in use? Let us discuss together what benefits UDINA Commerce Cloud can offer you in the context of cloud-based SAP C/4HANA solutions.


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