Financial management in the digital age

Master challenges and exploit opportunities – with solutions from SAP and UNIORG

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Strengthening corporate goals in the long term with targeted financial management

Strategic financial data provides a company with the most important information and is essential for strategic business decisions. In order to sustainably strengthen the company’s goals, the data must be prepared and quickly made available in a structured form. Not only the data itself, but also the form in which it is made available plays an increasing role. In addition, there are the adjustments to new circumstances, which have to be made ever more quickly, especially in financial management – whether through the development of additional, mostly digital markets, or through new legal requirements, which can often be a major challenge, especially in globally active companies.

Insights in real time

In the fast-paced digital world, real-time applications support accurate insights into past developments and the current economic situation. In addition, modern solutions enable you to identify and analyze clear indicators for future developments.

Mastering challenges in financial management

  • Analyses and insights in real time
  • Quick adaptation to new requirements
  • Compliance with global requirements
  • Comprehensive knowledge of current developments
  • Identifying trends

Best equipped for the future – with intelligent technologies from UNIORG and SAP

Give your financial data the attention it deserves and take advantage of real-time insight. With solutions from SAP and UNIORG, you’ll master current and future challenges. As a long-standing SAP partner, UNIORG possesses important integration know-how, national and international project experience and finds the right portfolio for every customer and company size. We stand by your side with individual consulting and support, helping you to continually optimize your business processes.

Concrete advantages of UNIORG and SAP solutions

Provision of intelligent technologies and best practices to master individual challenges

Relief through better cooperation at technical and human level

Offer a cloud solution with flexibility and scalability - short project duration, intuitive to use, easy and independently expandable

Provision of important business information throughout the network

Greater transparency, better accessibility: data access from any device, always and everywhere

Optimum product availability, as sales and procurement are optimally coordinated

Fast and flexible reaction to customer requirements

Supply of real-time data, which is stored centrally and online

Easier to meet budget targets

Appropriate solutions

Best Practices

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