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SAP launched a new offering, “Rise with SAP,” at the end of January. In this article, we look at what this offer looks like, what components are included, and how SAP users can benefit from it.

t’s not just the end of maintenance for legacy ERP systems, such as SAP ERP 6.0 (expected in 2027), that is increasingly creating transformation pressure among SAP users. Technical and social developments are also clear: innovation, speed and agility mean a significant competitive advantage. More than ever, the need to act is being recognized.

To make it easier for any company, regardless of size and system landscape, to switch to SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP created a new solution offering called “Rise with SAP”.

What is behind „Rise with SAP“?

“Rise with SAP” is a concrete offer. It is a bundling, a portfolio of various components from the SAP world into a single contract. This bundling offers the opportunity of a holistic transformation – SAP also speaks of “Business Transformation as a Service (BTaaS)”. In addition to the main products (SAP S/4HANA Cloud, SAP BTP, SAP Business Network, etc.), tools and services that are necessary for the transformation of a company are made available together with the partners. Starting with the redesign of processes up to the technical migration and the provision of the cloud infrastructure.

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With only one contract and one fee, the costs for licensing, maintenance and hosting can be combined and simplified. There is a shift from the license and maintenance model to a subscription model.

The focus is: Minimizing and automating the complexity of a transformation as much as possible.

And SAP enables this in three steps:

Redesign of Processes:

With the help of Business Process Intelligence, companies are given the opportunity to access existing business model and process knowledge from SAP. The company’s own business processes can be continuously analyzed, compared with industry standards and adjusted accordingly. Process analyses and real-time monitoring provide valuable insights into the performance of the company’s internal processes.

Technical Migration:

SAP provides tools, services and automated services that simplify the transition to the cloud. These include the SAP Readiness Check, the Custom Code Analyzer and the SAP Learning Hub. The aim is to use the technical tools to establish a consistent data layer and create a modular and flexible system landscape in the cloud, allowing innovations to be used directly. The cloud infrastructure can be operated both at SAP directly and at hyperscalers (such as Micosoft Azure, AWS, Google…) of one’s own choice.

Building the Intelligent Enterprise:

With SAP Business Technology Platform (formerly SAP Cloud Platform), SAP S/4HANA Cloud as the digital core (with embedded AI and RPA) and access to SAP Business Network & SAP Industry Cloud (with special solutions and functionalities tailored to specific industry requirements), all facets of an intelligent enterprise are covered.

Rise with SAP – the individual components

With the new offering, it should be possible for any company to move to the cloud and become an innovative and “intelligent” company. The customer determines the conditions and the time sequence.

 SAP bundles the individual pillars into a single offer.

A modern Cloud ERP with integrated KI, RPA (Robotic Process Automation), advanced analytics and flexible provision options.

With Signavio and the process experience of more than 400,000 customers,  Kunden werden Process flows are analyzed, gaps identified and optimized. Own processes can be reviewed continuously and adapted to current requirements and industry standards.

Custom Code Analyzer, SAP Readiness Check, SAP Learning Hub

SAP Ariba Network, SAP Asset Intelligence Network, SAP Logistics Business Network (omly with private edition)

Free choice in operating the cloud infrastructure. With SAP itself or a hyperscaler.

The SAP Business Technology Platform contains all the functions required to integrate cloud solutions. The platform can be used to integrate SAP solutions, those of partners or third-party providers and to extend them using the same data model. In the future SAP BTP with its functionalities and its open API will be the technical hub of future developments and integrations.

Customers benefit from this with RISE with SAP

  • One single subscription fee, desprite licensing, hosting and support
  • Faster realization of investments
  • One contract and one responsible contractor for SLA’s, operations and support
  • Reduction of complexity and number of contracts
  • An offer, that includes all factors of a holistic transformation (without high upfront investments)
  • Planning security by reliable and transparent costs in a long-term contract

What’s next?

With Rise with SAP, SAP customers de facto no longer own licenses, but only conclude a subscription. In the future, questions will have to be answered here such as: What is plan B? What happens if the critical business applications have been migrated to the cloud, but the cloud ERP proves to be a bad decision? What follows in the event of a termination? What options would there be to return to the on-premise world? There are still issues here that need to be clarified by SAP in a timely manner.

Nevertheless, SAP’s holistic offering is a step in the right direction and offers every company the opportunity to exploit the potential of the intelligent suite in every starting position.

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    Steffen Paulussen

    Steffen Paulussen

    Telefon: +49(0)231 9497-0
    E-Mail: s.paulussen@uniorg.de