The intelligent Enterprise

Combining human knowledge and technological possibilities

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The intelligent Enterprise

What is meant by the statement “becoming an even more intelligent company”? What makes an “intelligent” company and to what extent is this relevant for you? Especially with regard to the progressing digitalization and the ever faster changing market.

Recognize, promote and unite potentials

It is no secret that for the success of a company it is necessary to recognize the potential of its employees, to promote their competencies and to support individual strengths. What the strategy of the “intelligent company” is all about, however, is not only using the potential of the employees, but especially uniting the potential of people and machines. The use of systems has already developed enormously. The business processes of a company control to a large extent flexibility, agility and also costs. The bundling of trained employees and innovative solutions therefore opens up completely new possibilities for companies.

Now imagine that you use not only human intelligence but also artificial intelligence. The space between the abilities of employees and the possibilities of intelligent technologies (such as Internet of Things, Machine Learning and also Predictive Analytics) can be used sensibly. You would be prepared for future technological and economic developments and would rapidly increase your ability to adapt and react.

Making superior decisions using superior technologies

It is not about replacing the workforce – on the contrary. The aim is to achieve efficient and harmonized interaction between people and systems. If the intelligent technologies take over some of the tedious and time-consuming tasks, the employees can devote themselves to more complex topics. The system sets the course, the people implement it.

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„Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.“

Stephen Hawkings

And with the willingness to adapt to the changes currently taking place, the first building block for the intelligent company is laid.

Flexibility is required. In such fast-moving times, in which mass data storage no longer plays a role, meaningful mass data processing is necessary in order to be able to quickly adapt, consume, or even reject new business fields, also on the application side. The revolution in data processing is therefore in full swing. It is no longer just a matter of strict acceptance, but of holistic networking. In order to understand what the information means and to make forecasts for the future with the help of this information.

Intelligent technologies use data from all available sources (enterprise ERP, sensors, cloud or open source applications) to gain insights and derive possible measures that employees can implement in practice. People’s skills are not replaced, but enhanced. SAP CoPilot, for example, is a digital assistant that is not only able to draw relevant information from several SAP products, but also to take into account the context of these applications and thus learn continuously. This simplifies many business processes and enables employees to take immediate action.

The technical foundation of an intelligent company

This includes applications for the Digital Core and ERP, for example, which ensure a consistent and individual user experience. The intelligent suite makes information from all areas intelligently usable.

Benefit from technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning or the Internet of Things and thereby interpret the processed data in the best possible way and simplify the processes in the best possible way (SAP Leonardo).

Develop, integrate, and extend new applications yourself using the SAP Cloud Platform. The SAP Cloud Platform is the foundation for intelligent technologies. This is completed with the in-memory database from SAP HANA.

An additional focus is experience management. Understanding customers, recognizing their wishes and predicting behavior – existential for a company. Combining experience data with operational data enables a new way of dealing with customers. The customer experience is a decisive factor for the success or failure of a company.

What can this mean for you now?

The future belongs to intelligent companies. Companies that focus on the customer, are open to innovation, use the latest technologies and opportunities for their own business processes. Companies that supplement the world of numbers with one of the most important components, namely human emotions, and link it with the knowledge gained through intelligent technologies. In this way you create added value – for yourself and for your customers.

Automation, networking, focus, agility, transparency, flexibility, higher and accelerated value creation, staying one step ahead of the competition – these are the goals for sustainable development and an intelligent company.

Start now – we will support you on your individual path to an even more intelligent company with energy, competence and conviction.

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