Standardized provisioning concepts for your optimization requirements


UNIORG Predefined Consulting Solutions

For 40 years now, UNIORG Group companies have been supporting their customers in strategic decisions on initial implementation of SAP applications, subsequent rollouts, ongoing optimization and worldwide support.

With the goal of passing on this wealth of experience gained over decades, we developed the idea of UNIORG Predefined Consulting Solutions (PCS). UNIORG PCS solutions are configurations and functions already successfully used by customers to solve specific optimization requirements. All PCS solutions are characterized by a predefined scope of services, as well as a highly standardized deployment concept. SAP BestPractice scenarios are often supplemented or specifically developed. All PCS solutions are subject to the same methodology, calculation and a highly standardized deployment concept.

UNIORG PCS solutions are available for various industries and different company divisions, as well as generic solutions.


Further advantages

  • Extensive service packages at a fixed price
  • Structured and standardized approach
  • Efficient evaluation process reduces the project risk
  • UNIORG PCS solutions are tried and tested

UNIORG PCS consulting solutions are mostly offered at a fixed price. Customer-specific extensions can be considered in individual cases and incorporated into the PCS solution.

UNIORG PCS solutions and consulting services are always plannable in benefits, costs and resources.

Because before project start, a solution-specific PCS checklist is always processed in the course of the deployment evaluation, in which the system requirements (release status, modules) and the respective process requirements are checked. PCS solutions definitely do not contain any modifications to the SAP software. UNIORG PCS solutions are quickly available, fully documented and already successfully in productive use.

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