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SAP Business One for small and midsize companies and subsidiaries

Get more control over your business with the help of SAP Business One: the ERP software that links all your business processes and grows with your business.

In times of ever-increasing speed and data volume, controlling a company is becoming more and more difficult. Intransparent business processes, decisions based on various evaluations and the interlocking of important processes across different departments make a holistic view difficult. This makes it all the more important to have an enterprise resource planning system that can evaluate the enormous volumes of data quickly and in a well-founded manner.

A complete solution for all core processes

As a complete solution, SAP Business One covers all the core processes of a small or medium-sized company. The software can be used both on-premise and in the cloud and keeps the most important core functions ready for you, regardless of your industry.

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All processes in one system

From sales and customer relationship management to finance and operations, professionally manage all your business processes and gain extensive visibility and control with this enterprise resource planning system. All important functions are provided to you in one package. This makes implementation much easier and ensures that the industry solution (on-premise or also in the cloud) can be set up and used by users more quickly.

  • Standardized integration packages: enable integration with other systems – open interfaces are also available
  • An ERP platform: enabling growth through integrable, industry-specific solutions and global coverage through a variety of localizations
  • Innovative apps and applications: enable mobile access – through SAP HANA, novel scenarios and real-time analytics are possible
  • Cost-effective solution through individuality: decide for yourself whether you want low investment costs or only monthly usage fees
  • On-premise implementation, starter packages, cloud offering
  • Harmonization of the IT infrastructure

Your direct benefit from SAP Business One

  • Get all important key figures of your business units at the push of a button
  • Keep an eye on deadlines and tasks
  • Use all sales channels (online/offline)
  • Search less: because all documents and invoices are linked to each other
  • Get more out of your production and manage your projects more successfully
  • Offer a first class service to your customers
  • Improve the collaboration of your employees

Simplify your “daily business” with this unified ERP software solution designed specifically for smaller companies and locations. Experience for yourself how the software supports you with its core functions in all areas. From accounting to CRM processes and everything in between. With the help of real-time data, you can optimally control your business and manage all data in one central location. Financial accounting, customer management, business transactions, inventory control, warehouse management, material requirements planning: users get an all-around view of all your business processes.

One solution for all business areas

Automate your accounting processes and manage your banking transactions. By linking to more advanced processes, you can speed up your transactions and improve your cash flow.

Experience efficient control of your entire sales process and customer relations. SAP Business One creates an integrated view of your prospects and customers, understands their needs and requirements, and can proactively serve them.

Precise information on all your incoming and outgoing shipments, stock levels and locations makes your daily work easier.  Updates, assessments and availability reports are carried out in real time for the perfect overview.

Their company-wide data provides the basis for consolidated reports from various sources. You can choose from a variety of report formats, dashboards, and configurations.

You and your employees make fast, smart and well-informed decisions by gathering all essential information in one system and making it available company-wide in real time. Design intuitive and interactive dashboards and reports to better evaluate business performance.

Every industry has its own specific requirements and needs. In addition to the standard functionalities of the SAP Business One system, you can choose from more than 500 extensions – contact us!

Reduce the cost of running your business: from finance, purchasing, inventory management, sales and customer service to project management, operations and human resources, through the use of a single enterprise-wide ERP solution

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