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SAP Anwendungsunterstützung on UNIORG

SAP Application Management Service

We offer highly qualified SAP experts who are flexible, demand-dependent and cost-effective to support your existing SAP infrastructure.

Digitalization, permanent market changes and the speed of technology developments are forcing companies to innovate more and more. However, the effort involved in digitization projects often stands in extreme contradiction to the maintenance of existing systems. This is due to the often limited and restrictive IT structures in companies.

Focus on core processes and new projects with internal IT resources

Are you currently implementing a new software system, such as SAP S/4HANA, and do you actually need your employees to work on the new project? However, the existing system landscape still needs to be maintained and maintained in parallel? Fundamentally digitizing processes is not a trivial project and often requires lengthy steps that can only be completed systematically and with a lot of commitment.


We reliably take care of your existing systems

To ensure that your IT department can fully focus on the new digitization projects, we provide experienced experts and support consultants.

These are familiar for decades with all conceivable tasks around the used SAP systems (SAP R/3, SAP ECC 6.0…) and can thus take over the daily routine tasks. Your IT department is relieved and can be future-oriented – and at the same time we ensure a stable operational capability of your running system.

Your benefit:

  • Increase your IT capacity and agility by outsourcing time-consuming routine tasks.
  • Competent, reliable and flexible SAP experts, where your IT infrastructure is in capable hands
  • Attractive rates and modular pricing models

Our support team ensures that incidents are eliminated quickly, requests are implemented efficiently and developments are programmed or programmed cleanly. In which field of application is entirely up to you.

Your needs and requirements determine our joint project.


Your point of contact

If your company is in transition, you want to relieve your IT and need support with your existing system landscape, please contact us. Together we can be successful and achieve the best possible for you and your company.


SAP Support by UNIORG

UNIORG Ansprechpartner: Rebecca Schmidt, Andres Faber SAP Support by UNIORG (v. l. n. r.)

Rebecca Schmidt
Sales UNIORG Group

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Andres Faber
Managing Director

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