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SAP-Beratung ist unsere Leidenschaft

“Climbing a summit has many parallels to UNIORG’s SAP consulting and implementation. You can expect foresighted planning, experienced and team-oriented guides, reliable and trained partners, the right equipment and, above all, a sustainable ascent.”

Zentrale uniorg Our base camp: UNIORG headquarters in Dortmund

Accomplish goals

With experience. On a secure basis.

UNIORG was also founded in 1974 – only two years after SAP AG. Since then, we have accompanied a large part of our customers for many years.

Taking responsibility in the long term. Exceed expectations. Accompany our customers in a motivated, safe and reliable way – from base camp to the highest summit. This is our claim from more than 48 years of experience and correspondingly grown SAP competence.

We speak your language. We are near you. We’ll show you the way, but we won’t pull the rope. We look at situations and tasks from your perspective. And develop tailor-made solutions for you. Completely organic. Quite pragmatic. Let us be your Sherpa and your mountain guide. At the same time.

Our milestones to success

We welcome the 180th employee

SAP presents SAP S/4HANA (150 employees)

SAP presents the SAP HANA database

SAP Channel Partner for SAP ERP / Opening of office in SAP Partnerport Walldorf (100 employees)

Foundation of subsidiary UNIORG Inc. (Pittsburgh, USA) and move to new headquarters in Dortmund, Stadtkrone Ost

SAP Gold Partner

UNIORG SAP Business One partner / Ramp-up partner for SAP Netweaver / First international projects

UNIORG Partner

First UNIORG SAP R/3 customer

30 employees

SAP presents SAP R/2

Foundation of SAP

⠀ ⠀

First SAP S/4HANA projects

UNIORG live with SAP Suite on HANA / 300 active customers

Foundation of UNIORG Compliance / Expansion of company headquarters / Opening of Berlin office (120 employees)

Global economic crisis / UNIORG generates stable earnings

Opening of Managed Services division

Among TOP 3 SAP Business One Partners

Restructuring to UNIORG Group / Integration of Syntags GmbH and SAP purchases TopManage (now SAP Business One)

Relocation and expansion of the company headquarters Dortmund / First partner model for employees (50 employees)

SAP presents SAP R/3

First SAP R/2 projects with UNIORG

Foundation of UNIORG

Successfully connected

In partnership for top performance

If you want to reach for the sky, you need a solid basis – and of course partners you can trust completely. With UNIORG, you rely on planning security, a sense of responsibility and a clear, broad view of your needs and requirements.
Our consultants are highly motivated to accompany you with top performance to the summits of feasibility, and to anchor you there securely with sustainable solutions. Simply follow your personal guide, who is available to you at all times – as your direct contact person and as someone who will drive your successful SAP implementation at full speed. Someone who not only pulls the strings, but the whole rope.

Higher added value - UNIORG SOLUTIONS

• E-Business
• Mobile Apps
• For SAP Business One

Higher productivity - SUPPORT & OPERATION

• License & Maintenance Management
• Application support
• Application Services
• IT system operation
• IT Management
• Hosting

Higher security - IT COMPLIANCE

• IT Basic protection analysis (BSI)  (BSI)
• IT System Check
• Data protection management

Higher efficiency - SAP CONSULTING

• Strategy & process consulting
• Implementation & Rollout
• Optimization
• Security
• System integration
• Training

Higher performance - SAP SOLUTIONS

• SAP NetWeaver (SOA)
• SAP NetWeaver BW
• SAP BusinessObjects
• SAP Event Ticketing
• SAP Customer Checkout

Higher individuality - ERP SOLUTIONS

• SAP Business Suite / SAP ERP ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
• SAP S/4HANA ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
• SAP Business All-in-One ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀
•SAP Business One


Knowing ways. Developing routes.

Those who only start planning on the day of departure may never reach the summit. Therefore we plan your ascent early, well-founded and individually. With a clear view for needs and requirements. And also for your goals. To determine the most efficient route together with you.

And if set milestones and intermediate stations are shifted or changed? No problem. Then the route is flexibly adapted. For us, this is not a challenge, but quite simply everyday customer orientation in which you can fully rely at all times. Just like our longstanding and experienced employees. At gehtʼs – just click on the link!


Office Augsburg
Haunstetter Str. 112
DE-86150 Augsburg


Headquarter Dortmund
Lissaboner Allee 6-8
DE-44269 Dortmund
+49(0)231 9497-0


Office Bremen
Friedrich-Mißler-Str. 49
DE-28211 Bremen
+49(0)231 9497-0


Office Walldorf
Altrottstraße 31
DE-69190 Walldorf
+49(0)231 9497-0


Office Chemnitz
Neefestraße 88D
DE-09116 Chemnitz
+49(0)371 6664598-360

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