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Mobile Data Collection in SAP Business One

With mobile data collection (MDE), you create consistent processes in warehouse management and dispatch and keep an eye on your current inventory at all times.

Often, paper is still printed in the warehouse and dispatch, the data of which must later be entered manually in the ERP system. This costs valuable time, means even more effort for the employees and prevents an up-to-date insight into the status of the processing processes. The consequences are obvious: If the company lacks transparency in the warehouse, orders cannot always be placed appropriately.

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive insight into warehouse and production due to continuous and digital processes
  • Reduction of error sources and paperwork by avoiding manual entries
  • Increased employee resources through time savings
  • Up-to-date information through direct booking in the SAP system
  • Flexibility through scalability of users and roles
  • Low entry costs due to fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Intuitive operation through clear structure of the input mask


Keep an eye on your entire supply chain

With the UNIORG smart MDE function extension, the solution for mobile data acquisition, you have an overview of all areas. You know exactly where your product is, how many items you still have in stock and what your storage capacity actually looks like. Your transactions are recorded directly at the place of origin and transmitted in real time to the ERP system using mobile data collection and suitable devices. The specialists of your company are able to trace the goods, place orders precisely and according to demand. The work processes are optimized based on the information.

Simplify business processes

Rough estimates, manual counting, waiting for the annual inventory are eliminated. Instead, automation and extensive knowledge is made possible through the acquisition of current and reliable data. With mobile data acquisition, the data can be recorded anywhere by barcodes, keystrokes or transponders.

Main functions of the mobile solution

  • Incoming goods storage
  • Inventory information
  • Warehouse transfer postings
  • Picking
  • Stocktaking
  • Item availability
  • Purchase requisition
  • Inventory information

Quickly integrated and individually adaptable

The solution for mobile data collection was developed on the basis of the latest technologies and is available on all HTML5-enabled devices and also natively on Android devices. The range of solutions includes apps for the areas of storage, logistics and production.

Small applications, so-called smart apps, are provided for various SAP Business One modules. Employees can work more effectively, more simply and above all more digitally. The apps are used on mobile data acquisition devices such as a handheld device, smartphone, tablet or even a classic PC/notebook. The user interface of the MDE devices is clear, easy to use and guarantees fast collection of the most important data.

The standard modules included in the MDE solution can be used immediately with a classic SAP Business One software installation. Even without complex configurations. If required, extended modules with a more complex range of functions or, depending on the application, the development of new and individual modules are offered.

We develop what you need

Do you have questions about UNIORG smart MDE or would you like to find out more about the right devices for data acquisition? Please contact us for a first consultation, we are always at your disposal.

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    Torsten Bräuer
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    Torsten Bräuer

    Torsten Bräuer

    Phone: +49(0)371 6664598-360
    E-Mail: t.braeuer@uniorg.de