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SAP Business One for Wholesale and E-Commerce

Fast and efficient order processing due to the combined solution of UNIORG and SAP Business One for small and medium-sized companies.

Welcome to the age of agility and boundlessness. The process of change in retail is enormous, and satisfying customers is an elementary component of success. In addition, the demand for speed, quality and outstanding service has increased.

Both delivery routes and customer product demand can change at short notice, processes are becoming more complex, and evaluating mass data more difficult. Added to this is the growing competition of the entire e-commerce sector.

This makes it all the more important to have an ERP system (enterprise resource planning software) that lays the foundation for automation and enables the focus on core processes and innovative developments. With SAP Business One, the complete solution for your industry, you relieve your employees, meet the needs of your customers and create long-term customer loyalty.

Advantages of the industry solution for SMEs

  • Complete transparency across all areas: from sales, distribution, to purchasing, warehouse, checkout, shipping and service
  • Accurate forecasts of customer buying behavior
  • Fast response times, accelerated and more efficient order processing
  • Rapid decision-making thanks to a sound knowledge base
  • Real-time data, evaluations, current key figures and KPIs: from all areas in SAP Business One
  • Maximum flexibility: on-premise and in the cloud
  • Fast and cost-effective implementation
  • Automation of the entire logistics and distribution chain: including interface to online stores and connection to EDI, logistics and shipping service providers
  • Central system for all business areas: Uncomplicated order processing through one-time creation of master data
  • Optimization of inventory management and avoidance of delivery bottlenecks: through automated processes

SAP Business One covers all retail processes

With SAP Business One, the solution for commerce and e-commerce, wholesalers, retailers, and online merchants have all their business processes under control. You get visibility into inventory levels, orders, shipping status, top-selling products, and more – in real time.

SAP software has a CRM solution that lets you and your employees manage your suppliers and customers with just a few clicks. This gives you access to all customers, suppliers, KPI’s, offers and much more at any time (even mobile). Design your own cockpit in your ERP system with all important figures and data. And if you prefer it visualized: various diagram types ensure that you can capture the most important information in seconds.

Small functional enhancements support your end-to-end processes:

With the ERP system SAP Business One, your company is optimally equipped and you can easily meet all requirements.

Key features of SAP Business One for wholesale and e-commerce

  • Automated delivery requests
  • POS system: which is linked to the ERP system and transmits all data
  • Mapping of all typical business processes: purchasing, sales, warehouse, shipping, service
  • Integration of the CRM system (Customer Relationship Management): application on all end devices
  • Individual configuration of payment method, delivery time and shipping route
  • Direct synchronization: between web store and merchandise management system
  • Powerful reporting in real time

You have any questions?

Whether small businesses, midsize companies, wholesalers, retailers or e-commerce: Our experienced consultants will be happy to demonstrate to you directly in the ERP system which functions SAP Business One has in store for your company.


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