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SAP Business One for production and manufacturing

Optimized business processes with UNIORG’s industrial solution and SAP Business One

Product quality and prices are not the only factors that determine the market success of a manufacturing company. Key factors are transparency, efficiency, speed and quality assurance. With a perfectly functioning supply chain, you can optimize your business processes, increase customer loyalty and strengthen your market position.

Advantages of the industry solution

  • Quick calculation of production costs and sales prices
  • Graphical capacity planning (Kapa planning) and production control via Gantt chart
  • Calculation of first delivery dates via finite backward scheduling
  • Joint scheduling of material availability and capacity
  • Optimized warehousing and management (warehouse management)
  • Complete auditing and electronic documentation of quality control procedures
  • Provide real-time data that can be stored centrally and online
  • Simplified project management and production control
  • Everything at a glance: Access to KPI’s, inventory, delivery dates, transactions, bottlenecks, production processes.

Optimal production planning and production control

SAP Business One provides a wide range of functions and applications for comprehensive production planning and production control (PPC) for manufacturing companies. From production order creation, production processes, production control, warehouse management and accounting to shipping and service.

Within the ERP system, you have various modules to choose from, such as bills of materials, production order, output for production and production reports. With the help of these modules, all typical work processes can be covered. You can track at any time within your company where which product is, whether delivery dates can be met or whether you are facing bottlenecks. The information is recorded in the system across all departments and provides a real-time view of all processes. Whether it’s open production orders, available resources or even machine utilization: planning, control and management are easier than ever in SAP Business One.

Key features – SAP Business One for production

  • Powerful material requirements planning integrated into the software
  • MRP wizard that intuitively guides you through material requirements planning
  • Definition of parts lists
  • Direct creation of the production order in the software: based on the parts lists
  • Forecasts: based on forecast key figures
  • Functions for work preparation (AV), capacity planning (Kapa), costing and scheduling
  • Up-to-date information in the central administration (e.g. about utilization of the machines, status of the production order, etc.)
  • Production planning and production control: for make-to-order and batch production
  • Dashboard with all important KPI’s and data: Inventory, order, stock management, resources and much more in real time
  • Integrated CRM system

Mobile data collection for more transparency in warehouses and shipping departments

With mobile data capture in SAP Business One, you always know where your product is, how much material you still have in the warehouse and what your warehouse capacity looks like. Bookings can be recorded with data capture devices directly at the point of origin and transmitted to the ERP system. Quickly integrated and individually adaptable: for production and manufacturing companies in medium-sized businesses. Learn more about the MDE solution here.

With SAP Business One, you cover all relevant core processes of your company. And that regardless of your industry focus:

Metal Processing

Reduction of excess inventory, fast and efficient quoting, and finite backward scheduling are among the cornerstones of optimized resource planning and efficient manufacturing processes. The end result is success and increased profits.

High-tech & Electronics

The demands placed on electronics are constantly evolving. Manufacturers must respond with increased flexibility and adaptability to remain competitive. Optimized planning processes in purchasing, sales and production, effective bill of materials management and the automation of complex, time-consuming processes all contribute to this.

Machinery & Equipment Engineering

Automated workflows reduce the administrative effort involved in complying with numerous regulatory requirements and guarantee efficient production with consistent quality. Predictive maintenance, improved quality management or delivery of real-time data are among the benefits of Industry 4.0 – take advantage of them!

Appropriate solutions

Would you like to learn more about the ERP solution SAP Business One for production and manufacturing?

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