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For an innovative and flexible wholesale trade

Digital technologies and the associated cross-industry networking have an enormous impact on the wholesale trade.

Market dynamics are changing, customers are becoming more demanding, international online platforms are penetrating the market and price pressure from competitors is increasing. In addition, digitization enables industry and manufacturers to expand direct sales to the end customer. These are all great challenges, but there are also many opportunities. New operating models and products as well as innovative solutions can strengthen the role of the wholesale trade. A prerequisite for this is that wholesale companies rethink their business models, optimise their internal business processes and use the digital transformation to their advantage.

Challenges for the wholesale trade in the digital age

  • Changing market dynamics through digital technologies
  • Cross-industry digital networking
  • Increased direct sales from industry and manufacturers to end customers
  • More demanding customers
  • Increased price pressure due to price reductions by competitors
  • Increased competition from international online platforms
  • More efficient design of business processes
  • Necessary transparency of all business processes
  • Permanent integration of technical innovations

With UNIORG and SAP’s fully integrated ERP solutions, you can optimize your important business processes and make cooperation with your partners more efficient. Greater flexibility, better utilization of your capacities, as well as faster order processing and integration of your online shop will consolidate your market position and ensure that you continue to secure competitive advantages. With decades of experience, UNIORG will find the optimal solution for you, and as a reliable service partner will remain at your side from the beginning – throughout the entire implementation process and beyond. Even when things get difficult, we’ll support you with our know-how and accompany you further along the way.

UNIORG and SAP solutions - innovative on the road to success

Faster, more flexible, more precise wholesale with UNIORG and SAP

With the optimal solution tailored to your needs, you have real-time visibility into all your data - anytime, anywhere. Gain visibility into inventory levels, order status, scheduling agreements, customer requirements and actual costs.

UNIORG enables you to make precise forecasts of your customers' purchasing behavior and react quickly to changes. Efficient offer preparation and shorter reaction times ensure fast order processing.

UNIORG's precise and powerful inventory and sales processes allow you to optimize inventory management and avoid delivery bottlenecks.

With UNIORG's help, you can, on the one hand, implement the requirements of digitization and, on the other, take advantage of its benefits. Logistics and distribution chains are automated, and the integration of an online shop is made possible, making you optimally equipped for the future.

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Our approximately 220 employees support our customers around the world and stand by them as a reliable partner.


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