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Transparent business processes and efficient cooperation with Group subsidiaries

Standardized and transparent business processes are essential for the success of a company. The challenges increase with the size of the company – especially if it is a corporation with various subsidiaries. On the one hand, the requirements of the corporate headquarters for standardization and control must be met, and on the other hand, the subsidiaries need autonomy and flexibility and often have to meet very different industry and country-specific requirements.

Successful communication is a prerequisite for overcoming these hurdles. This can only be achieved with a common system that simplifies processes, is transparent and enables unrestricted data and information exchange.

Challenges of Group integration

Data harmonization, simplification of master data exchange and reporting | rolling out a uniform solution to any number of subsidiaries

country-specific requirements or laws | division-specific needs of the individual subsidiaries | different resources of the subsidiaries | optimal support in several time zones

with the ERP of the parent company is complicated by: Use of various ERP solutions at the group and its subsidiaries | with a basically uniform solution: excessively individualized versions at the individual subsidiaries | soft problems: unwillingness on the part of the subsidiaries to adapt to a new system

Meeting all demands – with industry solutions from SAP and UNIORG

SAP and UNIORG offer you uniform ERP systems as cloud solutions or on premise, adapted to the respective resources of the subsidiaries. All corporate divisions are linked to form a single unit. You gain more business transparency and access to all company data in real time. The standardization of processes and data also reduces the amount of work required to connect new subsidiaries or business units to the existing system landscape. This process is supported by our template approach, which allows a routine and fast implementation at any number of subsidiaries. As a reliable service partner with decades of experience, UNIORG remains firmly at your side for all developments. Thanks to our methodology and in-depth communication with our subsidiaries, conflicts are usually avoided right from the planning phase. Should they nevertheless arise, we mediate, analyze the reasons for resistance and ensure a satisfactory solution.

„For more than two decades, the strategic development of our worldwide SAP systems has been decisively shaped by our consulting partner UNIORG. Farsightedness, partnership, absolute reliability – both nationally and internationally – that’s what has described our lasting relationship for more than two decades. We will continue to trust this reliable partnership.”

Thomas Sauerland, CIO, VEKA AG

5 advantages of group integration with SAP and UNIORG

UNIORG’s uniform methodology guarantees simple, time-saving rollout of an integration scenario to any number of Group subsidiaries. The template approach gives the subsidiaries room for customization and ensures that the systems still fit together.

Cooperation with local partners from UNIORG’s comprehensive partner network ensures optimal, prompt support across time zones.

Intensive communication with the subsidiaries already in the planning phase helps to avoid possible conflicts. Thanks to its extensive experience, UNIORG can optimally support and mediate when conflicts do arise, and ensures the successful implementation of a solution that meets the needs of both parent company and subsidiaries.

Headquarters and different branches require different large ERP solutions. UNIORG supports you in selecting the right solutions from the SAP/UNIORG portfolio, and ensures that communication across these different solutions runs smoothly.

Once integration is complete, complex business processes can be automated and cross-company transactions can be carried out. This leads to data harmonization, financial consolidation, standardization of business processes, optimization of the supply chain and overall more transparency, time and cost savings.

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VEKA AG: Market leader with overview, supported by SAP Business One and UNIORG

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