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Customer Experience SAP C/4HANA

Our customers have long been well informed about our companies due to the high level of social and digital networking. They themselves decide when, what and how they would like to consume. They already know the providers, products and services through online media, compare offers, read reviews and follow recommendations from other customers. That is why a 360-degree view from the first information to the after-sales process is absolutely essential. Consequently, the basis for successful existence in the market is a customer-centric corporate strategy that puts the customer holistically at the centre.

Create unique customer experiences

If you know the wishes and needs of your target group, you can build your strategy and measures to offer the customer a holistic customer orientation at every contact point of your journey. From omnichannel communication to tracking and tracing to on-site service technicians – only the holistic view of all processes, solutions and technologies makes such an individual customer experience possible and promotes customer acquisition and customer loyalty in a sustainable way.


Future technologies and integrated applications such as IoT, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics enable a fast and flexible response to constantly changing business requirements. The SAP C/4HANA Suite creates optimal conditions for using these technologies and puts you on the path to an intelligent company. 

Optimized customer orientation in sales is a decisive competitive factor. New communication channels and sources of information demand increasingly powerful solutions for intelligent sales management in a digital world. The SAP solution portfolio from the SAP C/4HANA Suite contains exactly the solutions to meet these challenges. 

Customers always expect first-class service. To ensure customer loyalty, a better, faster and more efficient sales force is the solution. Intelligent service management with simple ticket processing, route and deployment planning, self-service portal and the use of mobile devices allows you to reduce processing time for your customers. 

Translate findings into action immediately. With the cloud-based solution, you can perform analysis, planning and forecasting in one application. The SAP Analytics Cloud provides centralized and immediate access to all required figures, charts, and reports. And it can be accessed by any employee, in the latest version and on any device. It offers the optimal prerequisite for making company-relevant decisions in a well-founded and timely manner. 

„There is potential in every interaction with customers. Only if we put the customer at the centre of our actions and understand him or her can we offer added value and create an individual customer experience. Customer expectations in a digital world are changing rapidly and so we have to!

With the SAP C/HANA Suite we are able to develop ideal customer experiences, which push customer acquisition and retention in a digital world.”


Rebecca Schmidt, Customer Engagement Executive, UNIORG Group

Customer Experience with SAP C/4HANA and UNIORG

Make your customers holistically happy – this is possible with the intelligent C/4HANA Suite from the cloud. A solution portfolio that puts the customer at the center of attention from the first interaction to the after-sales process.  

We support you in optimizing your processes – digitally, mobile and integrated. Whether in sales, marketing, commerce or service. Together with UNIORG, we create the optimal conditions for preparing your processes and systems, so you can concentrate fully on what you do best. And that’s how we succeed in increasing your customer satisfaction and loyalty, and become more successful together. 

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