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Monitoring, SAP audit and compliance checks

UNIORG Compliance and SAP Security

Whether monitoring, SAP audit or compliance checks: With UNIORG SAP Security Services, you and your team will master the challenge of SAP security efficiently and without special prior knowledge:

  • SIMPLE – Secure your business with UNIORG
  • ALL – Check your SAP system completely
  • SAFE – Install a successful SAP risk management

Do you want to improve your security or ensure compliance with legal regulations or compliance requirements? With the best tools and experienced consultants, we can help you build an efficient SAP risk management system. Fully and reliably check and monitor complex SAP systems against cyber attacks.

With the UNIORG Group and award-winning partner company Werth-IT, SAP audits are quick and easy to carry out – an ideal basis for continuous monitoring of your SAP security.

The classic ROI consideration when investing in SAP security is not the right approach for companies.

Holger Stumm and Daniel Berlin illustrate this in their book “Protecting SAP Systems”:

„The various tools in the SAP security product range (SAP Code Vulnerability Analysis, SAP Enterprise Threat Detection, and the monitoring and reporting functions accessible via SAP Solution Manager) enable you to create a security environment that meets the requirements of a wide range of audit guidelines and corporate policies. This enables you to effectively map the defense against new threats in the future. As described using the example of the Cyber Control Center in Chapter 2, “Developing a Security Strategy”, the implementation of all these products means a higher investment in products and projects than the budget of an ongoing SAP operation would normally allow.
In many companies, the cost-benefit discussion is conducted across IT areas, both SAP and non-SAP. A secure IT of a company does not arise as a value-added discussion, as was previously known from business operations. It arises only from the group-wide insight into the necessity of protecting against attacks of any kind. And this is an essential necessity and not an abstract business case.

(Source: Holger Stumm, Daniel Berlin: Protecting SAP Systems, p. 100, published by SAP PRESS 2016,

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