Dedication, Experience and Ambition – Our Employees

Our employees are the heart of the UNIORG Group – and the key to our customers’ success, as well as ours.

Focusing on people

Doing your best every day – that works best in a corporate culture that gives all employees the freedom to be creative and innovative. Our corporate culture is defined by efficient decision-making processes, flat hierarchies, team spirit, openness, mutual respect and trust. This environment generates strong teams and productive knowledge sharing – to benefit our customers.

Understanding your business’ point of view

The majority of our employees – most of them with interdisciplinary educational backgrounds – have already worked in other businesses. This means that they know all about our customers’ requirements and organizational workflows, laying the ideal foundation for a real partnership.

Sharing in UNIORG’s success

Long-term cooperation is the basis for our success – not only for our customers, but also for our company. That’s why we offer our employees the opportunity to acquire interest in our company, either as a partner or a senior partner. This increases their motivation and reduces staff turnover at UNIORG. For our customers, that means that they maintain the same contacts at our company, existing knowledge is retained and employees benefit personally from taking an entrepreneurial approach.

Are you interested in working at UNIORG? Then take a look at our current job openings and training programs.

Overview of the UNIORG Group’s silent partners

  • Hans-Dieter Haas
  • Edgar Jansen
  • Hans-Peter Kreft



Senior Partner

  • Adalbert Klauß
  • Johannes Klein
  • Stefan von Rintelen
  • Oliver Rix
  • Holger Schäfer
  • Stefan Veith





  • Inga Babco
  • Jeremy Banon
  • Frank Bamberg
  • Thorsten van Beeck
  • Sven Berger
  • Olaf Borke
  • Markus Dopmeier
  • Jürgen Erhard
  • Frank Fiene
  • Walter Freitag
  • Bernhard van de Gey
  • Christian Greune
  • Michael Glowik
  • Lutz Heinrichs
  • Frank Hoischen
  • Dr. Peer Walter Jahn
  • Volker Janzen
  • Dirk Konik
  • Dirk Kotthoff
  • Stefan Kudla
  • Matthias Lakämper
  • Frank Laudien
  • Thomas May
  • Markus Mevenkamp
  • Holger Meyer
  • Michael Mundt
  • Thorsten Neubüser
  • Hinrich Oberstadt
  • Berthold Opiela
  • Timo Ostermann
  • Steffen Paulussen
  • Johannes Platzköster
  • Herbert Rausch
  • Ulrich Reidick
  • Heribert Renner
  • Dirk Röckmann
  • Christof Rynek
  • Sandra Schachtschabel
  • Sabine Schäfer
  • Martina Schlüter
  • Marcus Schmalz
  • Thomas Stedler
  • Dr. Hubertus Strauß
  • Volker Strelow
  • Jörg Unterste Heufken
  • Dr. Harald Usler
  • Dirk Vörding
  • Joachim Wack
  • Erhard Wenk
  • Britta Wolf
  • Peter Ziegler
  • Jörg Zude