Variant Configuration with SAP and UNIORG

In this day and age, companies from a wide range of industries have to align their products and models with the various requirements of their customers. The results are increasingly complex products and numerous variants. At the same time, low production costs and high flexibility are important competitive factors. With a variant configurator integrated into your SAP system, you can efficiently manage all variants while supporting your core processes in product development, sales, procurement and manufacturing. This kind of variant configurator is able to map all of the major characteristics from the different variants of a product and the interrelation between variants. In this way, the variant configurator presents a standardized knowledge basis with small amounts of master data as well as an unlimited variety of products with clearly defined structures and simplified business processes along the entire supply chain. The configurator is already available in the standard SAP ERP and in standard SAP All-in-One systems (SAP LO-VC), and corresponding add-ons are available for SAP Business One.

Advantages of SAP variant configuration
  • Fewer BOMs
  • Acceleration of order processing
  • Manageable and transparent rules
  • Increase in access to knowledge

Using an SAP variant configurator usually leads to a significant reduction in costs and a quick return on investment for the implementation of the variant configurator, which in turn increases your company’s competitiveness.


variant configuration
We would be happy to determine the added benefits of implementing the configurator at your company as part of our “UNIORG Potential Analysis,” and provide you personally with a catalog of measures that you can use for gradual implementation with minimal risk. Call us and make an appointment. You can count on the UNIORG Group’s experienced consultants.